The Best JavaScript Extensions for Chrome
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A web developers tool that lets you execute JavaScript via the console, as well as inspect the HTML and CSS of any Web page.

JavaScript Errors Notifier

Get notified immediately of any JavaScript errors on the current Web page you’re viewing; click to view the error text and source. JsError is a great alternative to this extension.


Pretty Beautiful JavaScript

Cleans up and formats JavaScript files so that they’re easier to read and pretty to look at; also adds syntax highlighting. Three alternative to this extension are JSBeautify, JavaScript Beautifier, and Format JavaScript.

JavaScript API Search

“Adds support to the Chrome omnibox so that you can search for and auto-complete JavaScript functions and prototypes from online JavaScript reference documentation.”

JavaScript Populars

Gives you one-click access to popular JavaScript plugins and frameworks from sites like: jQuery, SWFObject, WebFont Loader, LiveValidation, Google Chrome Frame, Firebug, and much more.


JavaScript Tester

Adds a shortcut to your browser so that you can run and test JavaScript on the current Web page; there is a short list of shortcuts and functions that you can use.

JavaScript Blacklist

If you don’t want JavaScript to run on certain websites, use this to add those domains to your blacklist.

JavaScript EventFinder

Adds an extra functionality to the Chrome console/inspector that lets you keep track of events registered for each element in a DOM.



Adds numerous Web developer tools to your browser including the ability to view and beautify JavaScript, view generated source, show hidden elements, and much more.

Chrome Sniffer

Lets you inspect Web frameworks/applications and running JavaScript libraries on any Web page; this extension can detect 100+ different CMS and JavaScript libraries. The SEO Site Tools and Library Detector extensions also include this capability.


“Gives you a high degree of ‘NoScript’ like control over what JavaScript, iframes, and plugins run in your browser to increase security and lower the CPU usage.”



Adds a small command window at the bottom of your browser that lets you run jQuery and jLinq commands on any Web page.

Create Your Own

Lets you create your own extensions from the ground up  via HTML, CSS, Flash, and JavaScript.


An in-browser editor for JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Java, HTML, and CSS; also includes built-in (S)FTP access, Dropbox integration, and real-time syntax debugging. Note: This is technically a Chrome “app” and not an extension. JustEdit is another great in-browser edit that you might like to try out.

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