Five things every start-up web designer should know about

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 Whether you are a website developer just starting your work or aspiring to be one in the future, if your basics are not strong you will not be successful in this profession. Like many other profession, web designing also depends on the skill level and knowledge of the designers.

But as they say, before you learn to fly you must learn to crawl, walk and run. So before you start to do advance stuffs, you must know about the very basics of website designing. 

Five Basic SEO Tips for Webmasters

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I hear a lot of people asking "What's SEO?" SEO is short for 'search engine optimization'. It is positioning your website to be indexed by the search engines and improving your web presence.

There are really a lot of benefits to performing SEO work. Actually it is crucial. It is all about generating traffic to make sales. You want your site to be Google-friendly and fine tuned by using your keywords and keyword phrases. Traffic is customers and customers are sales. No customers no sales. It is that simple.

Finding a Relationship between Analytics Data and Your Website Design

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Usually as a local Ontario business opting for services through a Toronto web design firm, you are bound to have installed some sort of a metric measuring script to track data. More often than not, a website may want to track goals and conversions through their website.

Google Analytics is usually a good tool to use, particularly for a small to mid-sized businesses. I recently had a client that was performing great in terms of search engine rankings, as a matter of fact they were receiving traffic for tons of keywords that we were optimizing them for.

However, the client was unable to convert any of the visitors that it was receiving. In order to deduce and determine why this was happening, we resorted to one of the only analytics tool available to us – which was Google Analytics.

There we noticed that many of the individuals coming on the site had a very high bounce rate and after exhausting all possible reasons, we concluded that it was due to the poor design and functionality of the site.

The Best JavaScript Extensions for Chrome

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image00asasss.pngDo you love working with JavaScript? Are you a student learning JavaScript who needs to test code inside your browser? Do you just want to try out some cool extensions for Chrome?

Well, if you answered yes to any of the above questions, this list of JavaScript extensions for Google Chrome is just for you! It’s a known fact that Firefox has some pretty awesome Add-ons for Web development purposes - including debugging and testing tools, but what about Chrome? Let’s take a look at what Chrome has to offer and see if the extensions can compare to Firefox. 


8 Important Tools Every Web Designer Should Use

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Some people may think that web designers have it easy because of all the tools available for use on the Web, for the desktop, and for mobile devices. However, all of these tools can often be more of a curse than a blessing at times. There are so many tools to choose from and there’s just not enough time in the day to test them all out. For new designers it can be extremely overwhelming just trying to figure out where to start.

So, this list will give you a good idea of the important tools that you should be using as a web designer. Let’s take a look.

4 Real-Time Analytics and Social Media Monitoring Tools to Increase Blog Engagement

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Social media is one of the best tools for promoting your blog content, but how do you measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts? How do you see who is sharing your content and who is actually clicking on those shared links, or if anyone is at all? You need an in-depth tool that can give you insights and analytics.

This list will explore 4 tools that offer real-time social media monitoring tools that will help you see where you’re thriving and what areas need work.

8 Cheat Sheets Every Web Designer Should Have

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If you’re a web designer and/or developer, then you know just how much information is required for each programming language along with designing and development techniques. It’s hard enough to remember everything there is to know about HTML and CSS, so what happens when you get into more advanced languages like Javascript, PHP, etc? 

4 Tools for Monetizing Your Blog

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Blogging is one of the many online jobs that comes with the luxury of working from the comfort of your own home. While not all bloggers start out with the intention of making money, they usually end up there after they see how easy it is and just how much they can make. Some bloggers make a few dollars per month, while others make hundreds and even thousands.

SEO and Back Links

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The term back links refers to incoming links to a web page or to a web site. Originally these were the means of navigating the web and then the emergence of search engines shifted the navigation priorities to search engine optimization or SEO. The number of back links a web site has indicates how popular the web site is.

4 WordPress Plugins to Help Improve Your Blog

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Who doesn't want to improve their blog? This is something that all blog owners should strive to do on a regular basis. Improving your blog is not only helps you become a better blogger, but it also improves the performance and functionality of your blog for your readers. One of your main goals should be to keep your readers happy and convert as many new visitors as you can to subscribers. This is possible by using blog tools like WordPress plugins.

Develop Design Concepts On-The-Go with Moodboard for iPad

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Are you a web designer with an iPad? Do you often create moodboards? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions, then you're going to love Moodboard for iPad. It's a very convenient app that allows you to create moodboards on-the-go for clients or your own personal use.

3 Clever Ways to Implement Social Sharing Buttons within Your Blog Template

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It’s very important to have social sharing buttons on your blog because they help to increase the reach of your content on the web. Even if just a handful of visitors share your content, it’s better than none at all. The more times your content is shared and bookmarked, the more backlinks and extra traffic you gain. So as you can see, just including this one thing on your blog is a very easy and effective way of increasing your traffic for free.

Improve Your Blog Functionality and Rankings with Google Webmaster Tools

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If you’re a webmaster, yet haven’t started using Google webmaster tools, it’s time to head on over and get started . Google webmaster tools is absolutely free to use; all you need is a Google (Gmail or Google Apps) account and you can get started. You’ll be surprised at the benefits this free tool can offer you. You’ll be able to get information about the performance of your website as well as an issues and errors.

Starting a Website with Free Tools

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When you are putting up a website to conduct E commerce there are several tools that can enable you to do so without costing you anything. These tools are absolutely free and require little to no HTML knowledge at all which is one of the most common fears of individuals who are considering putting up their own site. 

Advice When Starting a Web Design Career

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There is definitely money to be made in the field of web design. Whether you are a freelancer or have a small company there are so many possibilities for you to become successful designing or redesign company websites. There are common mistakes that web designers make that hinders them from becoming successful in this particular field and here are just some of them with some helpful advice on what to do about it.

How to Conquer the Blank Page: 10 Tips That Really Work

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Do you ever sit down and stare at a blank document on your screen? You want to write a blog post. But your computer seems to have drawn you into a staring match ... and it’s beating you.



How to Make Your First Dollar Blogging

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No matter how much money you hope to make blogging, the journey starts with one. The single, solitary dollar. Many digital entrepreneurs will tell you the first dollar is the hardest one to make and I happen agree with them.



Strike While The Deal Is Hot

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As you guys probably noticed, on top of my sidebar I sell six 125x125 banner spots. Most of the time those spots are sold out, so when people or companies interested in purchasing a spot approach me I simply reply saying that I am sold out, and that I can email them back once a spot becomes available.



How To Fake It Till You Make It In Blogging

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Building an active community around a new blog can often seem like an uphill struggle. You're constantly working to create the best possible content and to promote your site yet often the initial returns are meagre. The fact is that most websites experience a "snowball" effect where the results can be slow to start but over time you will start to see your readership, natural inbound links and commenters increasing at an ever-increasing rate.



SEO Smart Links Plugin

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It has been a long time since I recommended a WordPress plugin, but here we go again. I started using this plugin on a niche site, and so far it seems to be helping a lot with the search engine optimization.


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