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The internal link structure enables you to spread your link power of home pages to the individual pages of the site. For example if several thousands of websites link to your homepage then your home page has a certain level of power to spread all over to your other pages of the site.

Therefore rankings and link power are directly proportional to one another so generally the more link power a page receives is the higher the ranking will become on one of the top search engines. Link structure directs search engines to the most important pages of your site. Thereby you will end up having your site listed on top amongst the top ten sites on various search engines.
A well coded and constructed link structure will certainly help search engines to easily access your site. Most of these search engines especially Google they list sites by crawling into your site and the site gets listed on Google automatically. So if your Link structure is well constructed then you can even see your site being listed top ten.

How you can improve The Link Structure of Your website

In order to get higher rankings for your site you definitely have to improve your link structure effectively. In order for you to improve your link structure you have to consider the following.

-    Accessibility: Always make sure that the important pages of your site are easily linked. You should also check if your links are working properly.
-    Relevancy: Make sure that your pages are relevant to each other so that the search engines can easily list your pages.
-    Keyword Anchor Text: Your targeted keywords should be added in the anchor text.
-    Use Robots Meta Tags: -This can also help you in the sense that search engines will not crawl on pages of your site that are not important. So by the use of the robots Meta tags search engines will only list the important pages of your site.
-    Check for Errors: This is one thing that most web masters for get. You should check your site for errors and you should correct them instantly. Make sure that all links are working and your site does not contain errors of the 404 not found errors and so forth.

After optimizing your link structure you will eventually succeed to have your site listed on top in several search engines.

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