Browser Extensions and Add-ons to Help You Become a Better Webmaster
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Chrome Extensions

Webmasters Sitebox

This simple extension provides quick links to tools that most webmasters use on a daily basis. These tools include: Google AdSense, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Keyword Tool, Instant Domain Search, and Icon Finder. If you’re not using any of these tools, then you may want to start as they will help you make money, increase your traffic, and increase your website rankings.


Jumpple is a website monitor that will not only protect your website, but it will also alert you instantly of any issues with your website. So if you’re website is down due to a bug, network problems or malicious activity, you can be notified via email, SMS, Skype, or Google chat. Remember, downtime means no traffic for your website and it may even cause you to lose traffic! So, you really should keep a close eye on the status of your website and Jumpple is perfect for that.

SEO Status Pagerank/Alexa Toolbar

This lightweight extension will check and display the Google Pagerank and Alexa rank of any Web page that you visit. “Using this toolbar will improve the Alexa ranking of the websites that you visit, just like the IE Alexa toolbar does.” This is one of the fastest pagerank checking extensions that you’ll find; no need to worry about it slowing down your browser or the loading of websites. So if you’re looking to help improve the Alexa rankings of your own websites, this is a must-have!
Additionally, it also shows you backlinks for any website along with Whois info and website availability. This useful for seeing others who are linking to your website.

HTML Tester

Have you ever wanted to test a piece of HTML code without firing up your HTML editor? Well now you can do it right in your browser with the HTML Tester extension. It’s very simple to use. Just click on the browser button, paste your code, and click the “Text HTML” button. HTML Tester is not only convenient, but it helps you to quickly check issues that may be going on with the HTML on your website.

Keyword Density Tool

As a webmaster, you probably already know that having the right keywords on your Web pages is important; yet keyword density is just as important when it comes to ranking. “Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a Web page compared to the total number of words on the page.” The keyword density is what helps to determine how relevant a Web page is to a specific keyword or phrase. This extension shows you the keywords densities for the top 5 keywords on your page.
So if you’re looking to appear high in search engines for specific keywords, this tool can help you do that.

Firefox Add-ons


This add-on gives you access tons of free webmaster tools and resources like domain tools, HTML tools, SEO tools, text tools, tutorials, forums, fonts, icons, and much more. With this one add-on you’ll have just about any webmaster tool right at your fingertips. Whether you need to test the speed of your website, check backlinks, perform a ping test, optimize your HTML, extract links, compare Web pages, check your rank, generate a sitemap, or check social bookmarks, you can do it all with the WebToolHub - plus much, much more! This is definitely a must-have for webmasters using the Firefox browser.

SEO Doctor

How many times have you had an SEO issue with your website, but had no idea how to fix it? If this has happened to you even just once, then you definitely need SEO Doctor! It helps you to diagnose and fix SEO problems. “SEO Doctor is made with both beginners and experience SEOs in mind and its scoring system and recommendations are based on official SEO documents, namely Google Webmaster guidelines, Google Image guidelines, and Google SEO starter guide.”
No more second guessing issues with meta data, headers, SEO friendly URLs, title tags, alt tags, etc. No more wondering if your pages are indexable by search engines or not. Just install this add-on and start analyzing your website!


Much like the Keyword Density Tool for Chrome (listed above), this add-on lets you see the top keywords for any Web page along with how many times they’re repeated and their weight in the page. This helps you to improve the quality of your content so that you can rank high for your desired keywords, thus increasing your position in search engines along with your traffic. This add-on opens up in the Firefox sidebar. You can even get a CSV file of any page for personal reference or for clients that may want to see how your work has increased their Web page SEO.

SEO Blogger

SEO Blogger is a very useful tool that “allows you to find the most sought-after keywords for your post without ever leaving your blog editing screen”. It opens up in the Firefox sidebar and works alongside your blog editor to help you research keywords and optimize your blog posts (as you write them). If you write for other blogs, you will be helping to increase their pagerank and traffic.
To it, simply enter a word and press enter. You’ll see results for keywords and how many times they’ve appeared in searches. You can then click on “add” to choose the top keywords that you want to incorporate into your blog post. SEO Blogger will even count how many times you’ve used those keywords within your post.


If you do a lot of uploading to your Web server, then FireFTP will come in handy for you. It’s an FTP client that lives inside your browser - no need to fire up another application on your computer. This tool is free, secure, and gives you access to FTP and SFTP servers. It also includes advanced features like directory comparison, SSL encryption, search/filtering, integrity checks, remote editing, drag-and-drop interface and much, much more.

As a webmaster, which Web browser do you use and what is your favorite extension/add-on for webmaster tasks?


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