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With the highest number of users from all over the world, this website is one of the most effective ways to communicate your message to your target audience. Facebook is one of the most growing social networks across globe and the best thing about it is its interactivity with the users.

Companies who want to advertise on social networks like Facebook carefully select the kind of traffic that they can get for their website or even the product they are selling. As far as the communication is concerned, this website has the ability to deliver communication because its not just the ads but the word of mouth that sometimes also speak when people are discussing things on this social network on different groups and pages.

Another added advantage of Facebook is when you are planning to organize an event or any gathering; you can create an event and invite your guests from the friend lists. To reach the right kind of target audience, Facebook is certainly the right place to place your advertisements. 
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We all know the power of word of mouth as it has the greatest influence over all types of advertisements. Twitter is a micro blogging system where different users interact with each other and share links or views on daily basis.

Twitter is an emerging trend now days as they were the first one who enabled micro blogging through mobile and this thing has made the entire using addicted of twitter.
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When you are looking for professional relationship, then the right kind of network you should use is Linkedin. Here, you don’t have to friends to add each other as it is a network of professionals where they are there to share their professional experiences.

One can benefit a lot from these professional networks as many head hunters and job recruiters look for the professional profile on linkedin nowadays as this is an emerging trend.

Even if you want to build a professional relationship with someone there, you can easily exchange the business cards. Linkedin is a very useful website if managed properly when looking for a job or share your professional experiences.
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Although myspace is more Americanized, but the trend is definitely growing with the appetite among people for social networks. Unlike facebook, myspace is primarily used for sharing audios and high quality videos.

There is an element of social networking also but now media sharing has taken over this everywhere. So it’s a good way of communicating to your target audience.
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