8 Cheat Sheets Every Web Designer Should Have
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There is just no way that one could remember all of the rules, attributes, elements, etc. So that is where cheats sheets, like the ones listed below, come into play. To get you started, here are 8 cheat sheets that every web designer should have handy for quick referencing.

Chrome Developer Tools Cheatsheet

If you currently develop or plan to develop for Google Chrome, this is a great resource documenting all of the features and tools available. Since Google now has its own OS, it is a good idea to get into the development of web apps for Chrome OS.

Basic HTML Cheat Sheet


If you’re just a beginner in HTML, this cheat sheet is for you! More advanced users may find the HTML Elements and Attributes cheat sheet quite helpful.

PHP Help Sheet

If you do any type of PHP coding, this can help you with array functions, date formatting, strings, shells, sessions, and much more. If you’re a beginner, you may prefer to start with the basics .

HTML 5 Cheat Sheet


Out with the old, in with the new - find out all of the newly supported tags in HTML 5 along with their descriptions and attributes. You may also like the HTML 5 Visual Cheat Sheet .

Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet

An excellent “quick reference guide for Ruby on Rails, containing the default directory structure, predefined variables, methods, reserved words and regular expression syntax.

jQuery 1.3 Cheat Sheet Wallpaper

Use this as your wallpaper so that you can have an instant quick API reference for jQuery selectors, attributes, events, effects, and much more. If you would just like a cheat sheet instead of a wallpaper, you can find one here .

The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet

With designing also comes development and SEO; they pretty much go hand-in-hand. So make sure you know and understand these techniques and practices.

CSS Cheat Sheet (V2)

“The second version of the CSS Cheat Sheet , a quick reference guide for CSS, listing selector syntax, properties, units and other useful bits of information.

If you’re looking for more, a quick Google search will bring up hundreds of different resources. Just search for what you need to or would like to know and go from there!


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