The Top 5 Joomla Extensions to Help Boost SEO
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SEO Pagination

This extension allows you to create a unique title for each of your pages. This is very important in SEO since Google is not a fan of duplicated page content, which includes the Meta tags. Each page should have a different title and SEO Pagination allows you to do that you on category and archive pages as well as the home page.
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Joom SEO

Joom SEO is a Search Engine Optimizing bot making Joomla content more Search Engine Friendly.” It does many key things automatically like creating Meta keywords, descriptions, and titles as well as header tags all on the fly. This is great, of course, for increasing rankings and accessibility. Plus it since it does this all automatically, this means less work for you.

Smart SEO

This extension lets you edit the Meta data for each of you pages. You can edit the title, description and keywords. The extension shows a control panel at the top of all your pages with 3 lights indicated whether or not each field is filled in. This is great for SEO and will not only help to get your page indexed properly, but boost your search engine rankings. You can find out more about how to use Smart SEO from the Joomla SEO YouTube video.

RS SEO Suite

As the title suggests, RS SEO is a complete suite. It boasts 7 different categories of features which includes: monitoring competitors websites; optimizing your website pages; setting up redirects; generating a sitemap; setting up an automatic crawler; monitoring and optimizing keywords; and integrating Google Analytics. So if you’re looking for a complete set of features and more, this is the extension for you!

GD SEO Verify

If you use webmaster tools for Google, Yahoo, Bing, or Alexa, then you know that each one requires some type of verification key or tag on your website. With this extension, instead of having to verify each one separately, you can verify them all at the same time. It’s a simple process, but GD SEO Verify makes it even more simple and quicker.
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If there is an extension that you prefer to use, please feel free to share it in the comments.



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