4 Things You Need to Note about Joomla - tips for Freshers
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The pages that are generated via Joomla are not at all friendly with the search engines. They always come up with query parameters and that does not enable the search engines to rank and properly index those pages. You should be optimizing your pages URL, make sure that it is meaningful and informative with populated keywords having ‘.html’ extension preferably.

1. Search engine friendly links:

you need to make your Joomla website link search engine friendly and for that, you have various options. The initial one is making use of Joomla's SEF plug-in as a default option. This plug-in, by default is not activated; therefore, you can activate it by navigating to the global configuration page. You can also make use of any paid, free, or third party applications that can be useful in this regard.

2. Catchy titles of your Web pages:

sometimes, the Joomla web pages are displayed with the title of ‘Home’, but this is actually the title page of the Homepage. Most of the fresher’s are not able to see this as they way you can easily change the titles, which becomes extremely unclear initially. The page title is a prominent and highlighted website criterion that is greatly considered by the search engines while the pages are being ranked. Therefore, you are required to give meaningful page titles with the keywords integrated into it.

3. Setting up Meta data for all Web pages:

the Meta data may not be having much values when it comes to search engines the way it used to be; however, you should be optimizing the properly. While you are working on the optimization of Meta data of your website pages, you should be completely focusing on the description of the content instead of the keywords. This will enable the search engines find you. Therefore, it is extremely useful in making your link located and displayed by the search engines. If appropriate description is not mentioned within your Meta tags then it will become difficult for the search engines to locate you. Thus, you need to be extremely careful about what you should be mentioning, as you will be having an advantage of attracting more and more visitors via search engines.

4. Benefiting from 404-error page:

you may happen to see your Joomla based website having default 404-error page with little information about the particular error that has occurred along with a link to the homepage. Thus, you need to setup a 404 page using either any plug-ins or setting it up manually. You should be including valuable and beneficial resources to this link, as you will be directing the users to your web portal. You should be opting for some useful techniques via which you can make the user return to your website instead of making them frustrated because of this error page.

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