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wmteverystockphoto_hed.pngThis website offers a combination of free images plus licensed one. It takes images from different images sources. So, if you are planning to use images, you have to check whether the publisher has given you the license to use it free or not.


wmtginipic_hed.pngGinipic is a new player and this has taken the image searching to the new level. This not only searches for the images but also different search engines and websites which can offer pictures collection.

Bing Image Search

wmt_bingimagesearch_hed.jpgSearch images on Bing


Turbo Photo:

wmt_turbostockimagessearch_hed.pngAnother stock images websites which offers 4GB of free images which are free to distribute. There are a total of 10 categories so you have a wide choice set through which you can download different types of images

Google Images Search:

wmtgoogleimagesearch_hed.pngGoogle also searches images from different websites and displays according to the preference of Google algorithm. Recently, Google has changed the interface of their images result through which a user can now  see more images on one page.

Stock.XCHNG :

wmt_stockexchange_hed.pngOne of the most comprehensive images bank available which cover almost every category. The images are available in high quality which is exactly you need if you are looking for a high resolution photos which are specially used for printing purposes.

Yahoo! Image Search

wmt_yahooimagesearch_hed.jpgImage search on Yahoo!

Icon finder:

wmt_iconfinder_hed.jpgIcon finder is a website which maintains the database for Icons of different categories. There are almost 200, 00 icons available on this website which are free to download. The interface is user friendly and you can easily search for different icons set.


wmt_pdphotoorg_hd.jpgis a repository for free photos and pictures.


wmt_iconserach_hed.jpgthis is a search engine of Icons and it is extremely helpful in finding quality-based icons that are available over the World Wide Web. You can even find out icons for Windows XP, Vista Presentation, Mobile, Websites, Software, Desktop icons, Linux, Macintosh, that are sized from 16×16 to 256×256, having PNG format. All those that are with ICO format are available in 16×16 to 128×128 sizes.


wmt_iconlet_hed.jpgthis is a search engine to get free images and icons. You can easily find out the image resolution, license type, graphics format and author information from it.


wmt_iconseeker_hed.jpgwith, you can search for icons over the contains more than 50,000 high quality icons with different formats such as ICNS, ICO, and PNG for Linux, Macintosh, and Windows based systems.

Free Icons Web

 wmt_freeiconsweb_hed.jpg20,000 + high quality Free Icons for Windows, Macintosh and Linux Systems.

Icons Pedia

wmt_iconspedia_hed.jpgSearch PNG and Icons pack for download.

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