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Logo design is a topic relevant to any business -- whether it's a small business that needs a logo design for establishing their brand or a larger company seeking to market a new product or service. The need for good design may be universal, but it can be hard to know where to start. On, you can find answers to questions about design work as well as many other topics. Here are some of the best Quora answers to logo design questions.

20 Collage Photoshop Tutorials That Make an Impact

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Here, we are presenting to you some of the best tutorials written recently. They even have some free templates and mock-ups that are linked to it. All the stock used is accounted for in the tutorials. You need only follow the easy steps that guide you through the designing process. Have fun going through these amazing tutorials that are bound to make an impact. 


UI Design Photoshop tutorials that are bound to be handy

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Often, it is the case that many people are interested in the field of web designing but lack the resources and the requisite guidance that is required to learn it in its entirety. To provide a glorious user experience to the user, you need to have a grasp of all the minute intricacies that provide an intuitive and interactive experience. However, with the advent of novel techniques and designs, there is a surge in the expansive knowledge that is freely available to us.

You need only look at the right locations to find a bounty of knowledge. We have scoured the net and are displaying only a section of what is available for us on the net. These select tutorials will guide you in the process of designing widgets, icons, effects as well as wire-framing the whole process of making the app. Have a look at them to start learning.

Easy Logo Design Tips - Do's and Don'ts

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Creating a proper logo takes time, research and dedication. It's a process that should be adapted to every brand. The need of good logos has skyrocketed over the last two decades as every company, no matter the size, wants to expand its internet presence and establish its brand name as a popular one, and a good logo is a crucial part of the process.

This list is not a direct guide for what you need to do while making a logo, but it does cover a good part of the process.


Really Cool Cloud Based Logo Designs

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Cloud Rain
Stumped with the idea for your logo design? Need some specific kind of logo that suits your client or your needs? Don’t worry. 

Cool Icon Sets for Web Designers

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When you are faced with this task of simplifying everything from the font to the theme, it can be very daunting. For those who value detail, everything needs to be perfect just so. That includes the icons we are using too. Altering every icon and designing each and every one of them according to the color scheme of your design can be very time consuming.

However, what if you already had some cool icons at your disposal that suit your designs perfectly? What if they were free on top of that? Yes. We are presenting to you the best Icon designs that are flat, responsive or minimalistic.

These icons will save a lot of your time and resources and you can happily concentrate on perfecting the rest of your design instead of focusing on everything at once. 


20 Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials That To Make Your Designs Look Cool

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There have been numerous tutorials published online that showcase the most creative and attractive text effects that a designer can incorporate into their designs. These tutorials are the best way to learn new design skills.

The following are a list of great tutorials collected from a wide range of websites.

20 Restaurant Menu Designs that are Inspiring as well as Effective

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Most people would not find the regular Restaurant Menu to be anything other than a listing of the food and beverages served at the place. But what if you could infuse a bit of art into it and make stunning Menu designs that not only give out the relevant information, but inspire you with their clever looks and beautiful covers as well.

We have scourged the net to bring you some of the most ingenious and clever Restaurant Menu designs.

Choosing Your Corporate Identity According To Your Brand

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Often the first time a company really thinks about its corporate identity is when it starts to consider (or re-consider) its branding, usually before a big event or just prior to launch.  This can be a time, fraught with issues when questions about corporate direction and company values often result in board room tensions.

Most ingenious usage of negative space in logos

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Ever looked at a print ad in the newspaper and frowned at the disturbingly complex company logo which reeked of too much creativity?  

Essential Business Tips for Graphic Designers

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Successful graphic designers must combine creativity with a solid knowledge of business and marketing. The business aspects of graphic design are what attract new clients and generate revenue. Not all graphic designers understand how to establish a constant flow of new clients. It can also be confusing handling aspects such as billing and customer service in a way that protects the designer. Several essential business tips will help graphic designers.

Get Started With iOS 7: Freebies

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iOS 7 Weather App Design (PSD)
For the last couple of decades Apple has been one of the most innovative and respected companies in the world. Its ability to surprise the world and come up with revolutionary products has had a remarkable impact on human race.

Recently released, highly discussed, loved and hated new operating system for mobile devices iOS 7 has been radically redesigned by Jony Ive and started a new page in Apple's design history.

While people keep talking about it you should take this perfect opportunity to jump into the new design direction and start designing for iOS 7.

For that reason I have collected some of the best free resources for you to get started in iOS 7 design. This will save you lots of time conceptualizing, prototyping, and producing iOS 7 app designs.

Millions Images for Your Website Only at Depositphotos

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Almost every website in this world is highly dependent on images, photos, or illustrations. To be able to attract visitors, a website must not only give emphasis on its content, but also give a decent amount of attention on its design, layout, and illustrations; and for those, images are heavily needed.

It is just a waste if any website with great content does not appear with interesting appearance. Some kinds of websites for example design, news, education, and business are even more dependent on images as it is necessary for decorating page, illustrating certain articles, banner, and even added into advertisement. 

12 Amazing Logo Tutorials to Create the Perfect Logo

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A good logo tutorial can turn you from a novice designer to an expert if you are willing to practice. Therefore, I have created a list of amazing logo tutorials to help you create the perfect logo, and also help you become a better designer.
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