Marvelous Examples of 3D Fonts - That will give you an Inspiration Boost
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Thus, a project that is apparent at first sight to be simple as ABC includes a great deal of aspects. The more sophisticated and realistic type is look like the more work should be done. That is why, it’s not surprising that 3-dimensional typography is considered to be one of the most complicated and advanced type. Being truly inspiring this kind of typography not only make your project energetic and bright but also modern and alive.

This post consists of an excellent collection of 3-dimensional typography works that will definitely give you an inspiration boost and replenish your design examples stock.

1. Nike - Just do It - Part II

 Nike - Just do It - Part II

2. Tropical Paradise

Tropical Paradise 

3. Coffee Lovers

 Coffee Lovers

4. FRUSTRO typeface by Martzi Hegedus

 FRUSTRO typeface by Martzi Hegedus

5. With Echo Like! by Sion Junghwan

 With Echo Like! by Sion Junghwan

6. Look at me now by Peter Tarka

 Look at me now by Peter Tarka

7. A 3D by Jonathan Gibson

A 3D by Jonathan Gibson 

8. Caramel 3D Logotype by Evgeny Skidanov

Caramel 3D Logotype by Evgeny Skidanov 

9. Leonie Birthcard by Rizon Parein

Leonie Birthcard by Rizon Parein 

10. Tree by Mike Melvas

Tree by Mike Melvas 

11. Popular Mechanics 110th Edition

Popular Mechanics 110th Edition 

12. Poets & Writers Magazine Cover

Poets & Writers Magazine Cover 

13. Say What?

Say What? 

14. Fun and color in Sami Viljantos illustrations

Fun and color in Sami Viljantos illustrations 

15. Brooklyn Type by Two Arms Inc

Brooklyn Type by Two Arms Inc 

16. HOW Magazine July 2012

HOW Magazine July 2012 

17. Nike Basketball

Nike Basketball 

18. No


19. Nuzzles - Wooden Typographic Puzzles

Nuzzles - Wooden Typographic Puzzles 

20. Features opener

Features opener 



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