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WMT 3D Banner Box is an Joomla Extensions built using the 3D capabilities of Flash Player 10. This extensions supports image files (png, jpeg, gif).

In Joomla admin area there are over 30 settings to customize the behavior and appearance. Graphics and colors can be changed also from inside the Joomla admin area.

For Each Box face you can setup link, link target window and Alpha parameter (transparent face).

You can choose either auto-rotation or mouse rotation specifying the rotation angle on each axis, x, or z.

WMT 3D Banner Box comes with Joomla Administration back-end Control Panel for multiple Banner Box customization. 

To create new 3D Banner Box:

1. Navigate to Components --> WMT 3d Banner Box
2. In WMT 3d Banner Box Control Panel click on New icon (upper right)
3. Enter new menu name (without spaces) and click on Create icon (upper right).
(New 3d Banner Box is created in Control Panel and new module is automatically installed with the name of that menu.)

Edit Newly Created WMT 3d Banner Box:

4. In WMT 3d Banner Box Control Pane, click on newly created 3d Banner Box, to add images, links and to configure display of the 3d Banner Box.

4.1 - Click on Upload button (upper right) to upload images that you would like to use with newly created WMT 3d Banner Box.

When you have finished with uploading, navigate Back to add images to newly created 3d Banner Box (click on Back icon - upper right)

4.2 - Click on New button (upper right) to add new banner image item to newly created WMT 3d Banner Box.

- Uploaded Banner Box  Images:  Here you see all images file-names that you have uploaded. On mouse over the file-name, you can see actual image as some kind of preview.
- Click image file-name that you want to add to WMT 3d Banner Box. Image file-name is added to text box Image.
- Position: Selected image position on 3D Banner Box - face position
- Alpha: box face alpha; a number between 0 and 1 * required
- Link: Enter URL that you would like to link box face to, or select Article Item (Select Section, then Category and click on desired article Title)
- Target: box face link target window (_blank or _parent)
- Set Publish to Yes and click on Save button (upper right)

You have successfully added new banner image to box face.

Repeat steps to add 5 more faces to 3D Banner Box
* this image shows published 3D Banner Box faces

Publish WMT 3D Banner Box:

5. Publish Module
As i said in 3rd step, new module is created with the name of your newly created WMT 3d Banner Box, so navigate to Module Manager and enter the newly created Module to publish WMT 3d Banner Box.

- Select module position and publish module.

Front Display, Width and Height Configuration

6. When you have finished with adding faces to WMT 3d Banner Box, you will probably need to edit Front Display of Flash Menu (change width and height of the module, change width, height and length of the WMT 3d Banner Box, auto rotate ...).

To access configuration options navigate to Components --> WMT 3d Banner Box, click on Banner Box that you would like to configure.

Click on the Config button (upper right) to enter Configuration page for selected Banner Box.

For each WMT 3d Banner Box created in control panel you have to configure Display Settings:

Box Settings:

Settings Description:

Width width of the box in pixels
Height height of the box in pixels
Length length of the box in pixels

Viewport Settings:

Module Width (max: 590 px) viewport/module width in pixels
Module Height (max: 300 px) viewport/module height in pixels
Field Of View

an angle between o and 179 (More Info )

Stroke Face Settings:

Stroke Width rollover stroke width
Stroke Color rollover stroke color (0xRRGGBB)
Stroke Alpha rollover stroke alpha; a number between 0 and 1

Other Settings:

Back H Flip if true, the back face will be flipped horizontally
Back V Flip if true, the back face will be flipped vertically
initRotationX initial x rotation in degrees
initRotationY initial y rotation in degrees
initRotationZ initial z rotation in degrees
autoRotate if true, the box will auto-rotate (this is forced to false when mouseRotation is true)
autoRotateXSpeed auto rotate x speed
autoRotateYSpeed auto rotate y speed
autoRotateZSpeed auto rotate z speed
pauseOnMouseOver if true, the auto rotate will pause when mouse is over the box
mouseRotation if true, the box will auto rotate using the mouse position on the stage
maxRotationX maximum x rotation that the mouse position can trigger
maxRotationY maximum y rotation that the mouse position can trigger
pauseOnMouseOut if true, the rotation will stop when mouse exists the wmt box area
easingFactor easing factor for rotation stop (the speed will drop using this value)
mouseDrag if true, it allows you to click and drag the box
halfXRotationDist the distance you have to drag with your mouse to trigger a 180 degrees x rotation
halfYRotationDist distance you have to drag with your mouse to trigger a 180 degrees y rotation
dragEasingTime drag rotation easing time in seconds

WMT 3D Banner Box Tips:

  • Important: when you uninstall component com_wmt3dbannerbox, all modules that are created with 3D Banner Box Control Panel will be deleted.
  • Important: when you delete Banner Box from 3D Banner Box Control Panel, module that is assigned to that Banner Box is also deleted.
  • Tip:  when you make changes in Configuration menu in admin back, after you Save your changes, you will probably need to clear your browsers cache before you can see actual changes on the front.
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