Differences between using Joomla vs WordPress Hosting

Differences between using Joomla vs WordPress Hosting

Although today there is an ever expanding number of Content Management Systems (CMS) that a user can choose from, very few CMS platforms have gained as much popularity as Joomla and WordPress. A good number of people have the mistaken conviction that the two are hugely popular by virtue of being the oldest in the market.

The fact is that the two are neither the pioneers nor the oldest in the CMS space. There are quite a good number of CMS platforms that were in existence even prior to the turn of this century. Actually, WordPress didn’t appear until 2003, while Joomla only showed up around 2005.

What has contributed to the immense popularity of the two platforms is largely due to the ease with which they can be used. The entry of open source Content Management Systems has accorded millions of users the power of creating their own websites. Even a number of big and global brands have been turning to open source CMS for streamlining their processes of web content management.

Today, while the majority of CMS’s are still on-premises and open source in nature, there is a rising number of cloud hosted CMS platforms, yet WordPress and Joomla Hosting still lead the pack.

WordPress Pros

Open Source: What makes WordPress Hosting very popular among advanced developers as well as many beginners is the open source aspect. Basically, open source means you can easily download the CMS software source code and have it modified to meet your particular website needs. What this also implies is that you get the software free of charge.

Easy Setup: WordPress is so easy to setup, that you can do it in as little as 5 minutes. This was the platform developer’s main marketing message, but today that is generally a common feature with most platforms, so they have stopped using it for advertising.

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