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Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools

Online CSS optimizer tool

When you decide optimize your CSS file, you can chose “Optimize CSS via URI” (online file), “Optimize CSS via File Upload” (CSS from your computer) or “or Optimize CSS via Direct Input” (by copy/paste file into online form). You can also chose if you want CSSoptimizer remove line breaks in your file or not.

Firebug-webmasters a must tool

With click on element, you will see CSS source and you can edit and preview. Very useful is that Firebug gives you info in what line is that particular CSS element. Imagine working with more that 1.000 lines of CSS code. This can save lots of time searching for mistake. Firebug also includes a powerful JavaScript debugger. It lets you pause execution at any time and have a look at code.

Seomoz SEO tools collection

TermExtractor analyzes content of a given page and extracts the terms that seams to be targeted at search engines. CrawlTest discovers the problems search engine bots run into while crawling your website, the http response codes your pages return, cache dates, title tags and much more. GeoTarget determines how well a site is targeted to region-specific search engines.

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