file sharing alternatives

Best online file sharing alternatives

Best online file sharing alternatives

We are aware of the fact that our email client doesn’t support such a large amount of data to be shared as there is data uploading limit due to which you are unable to share big files through emails. Most of the websites have this restriction of a maximum attachment size of 10MB.

There is an alternative solution through which you can share your data through a hosting account. These websites allow you to upload big files, and once you have uploaded the file, these websites generate a direct link that you can share with your peers and clients.

File sharing through websites has solved a number of problems, and the best thing about these websites is you can share important data with security. Here are some websites which you should be aware of when sharing files.

Stream file: Stream file is a file-sharing system where you can email the direct link to your recipient. The maximum file limit for uploading is 300MB

Pando: Pando is a peer-to-peer software with almost millions of users getting benefits from it. It is used for sharing large amounts of files where the maximum limit is 1GB

Wikisend: Another website where you can upload data. You don’t need to make an account. The process is very simple to upload and share the data.

Pipebytes: if you are looking for media files that are very big in size to share, then this is the best website that actually gives you the freedom to share files with no size limit at all

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