Designer Toolkits

Useful Toolkits and Utensils for Designers

Useful Toolkits and Utensils for Designers

All such designers who are starting with work offline can make use of a graph pr blank paper while starting from the scratch. You can easily access the pre-designed templates and for this reason, you need not to start from the scratch as this will be saving you time and helpful in bringing out your creativity.

Many tools can be easily accessed while you are considering making a web design or plan. All these tools are also available for download. They mainly include grids, pre-drawn browsers, iPhone and iPad development.

Paper Browser: this is a simple and printable browser which is useful for wire framing. It has a subtle grid in it which is functional for better and enhanced designing. It is scaled for certain screen resolutions.

MBTI Sketching Paper: this tool consists of four multiple dimensions while you are coming up with different ideas for the certain buying modalities that is humanistic, methodical, spontaneous, and competitive. It is available in four different sizes such as Legal, Letter, A3, and A4.

Concept7 Sketching Paper: this tool is useful in providing the browser window with predesigned grids, lines and also with note areas; it is easily available for A3 and A4 sizes.

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