How you can sell web hosting as a value added service to your design clients

With all of the new web design companies that are finding their way into the business these days, you need to have all cylinders on full blast if you are looking to build and maintain your own company in this modern web business landscape. One of the best options that many competitors do not offer is an option to host with the same company that is doing the design. This reseller hosting is a bit more difficult to implement, but well worth it when it comes to customers.

– How can I sell my reseller hosting options?

The first thing that you need to do is make it known to your audience how important web hosting is to their process. There is nothing wrong with placing a short video on your webpage about your distribution services. However, you must inform your audience of just how important these distribution services are in the first place.

Let them know just how difficult it is to achieve a consistent presence on the Interne and about all of the potholes they can expect with different options that are on the market currently. Detail exactly what you will offer in the form of hosting services, whether those services will be shared hosting, VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting. Explain the difference between these different types of hosts and also explained to your audience exactly how your service will be more stable than the competition.

– Make sure that your audience has all the information that they need to make an informed decision.

Many other web hosting platforms try to keep information and statistics out of the hands of their audience, preferring to make them purchase the service through ignorance. None of the people who are on a shared server will know how many other people are on it. These web hosts will not detail the security measures that they take to protect the data stream of their clients, nor will they explain how to get in touch with any customer service agent should anything go wrong.

The web hosting services that have been able to survive and thrive for these few years that web hosting has been a commercial product are bastions of information. You need to do this in order to build and maintain an audience that will remain loyal to you. Explain that you will have a cap on the number of data streams that you will allow if you are hosting a shared server. Explain exactly what security measures you will take if you are hosting a VPS server. Tell your customers the resources that they can expect if you are hosting a dedicated server. All this information will bring you the best customers – you are not worried about the fly-by-night websites will not continue to help you pay your bills years down the road.

– Make sure that your pricing is competitive with the marketplace.

Although pricing is one of the last things that people should look for when they are looking for a web host, it is usually one of the first things that turns a person on or off to a service. With this in mind, you need to make sure that your pricing is in line with the rest of the marketplace according to the features that you will be offering on your web hosting service.

Take a look around at the competition in order to see what kinds of features they have and what they are charging for those features. You will then be able to create a pricing structure that is in line with what is already going on in the marketplace. Along with the added information that you will be giving to your audience, this should put you head and shoulders above your competition in the eyes of your potential clients.

– Do not market to everyone online. Take your audience carefully.

There is nothing worse than to be a mass marketer in today’s highly localized and precise search engine optimization structure. You need to find out who your audience is specifically and sell to those people only. Everyone else who finds your advertisements and search engine listings is just icing on the cake.

You may actually have to do a bit of research into the kinds of customers who would end up being loyal to a web service like yours. Do your own comparison chart so that you will understand exactly what features you are offering that are above the competition. This will help you to determine exactly who to market to online.

You may have to partner with a search engine optimization service in order to find the right keywords for your marketing campaign. This is one of the best investments that any business can make in its long-term viability, so do not be afraid to take this expense in the beginning.