Build your own mobile application – 10 Helpful Tools

1. PhoneGap

PhoneGap provides you with tools that support 7 various mobile platforms giving you an opportunity to create applications for popular mobile OS such as iOS, Windows, Android etc.

2. DHTMLX Touch

If you are eager to build HTML5-based mobile web application then you should definitely take a look at this open source JavaScript library that produces a sterling framework with a lot of features and facilities.


JQUERY MOBILE is really easy to use toolkit that make use of basic HTML5 interface system. Moreover, touch-optimized web framework provides you with drag-and-drop UI builder in order to save your precious time and make your experience pleasant.

4. WebApp

WebApp supplies with both light-weight and powerful mobile framework aimed at quick building professional mobile web applications with a great deal of ready to use stencils.

5. The M Project

The M Project is another advanced open source javascript framework that deals with app development. It includes necessary HTML5/CSS3 based features, a touch-optimized UI, support and local storage.

6. Sencha Touch 2

Sencha Touch 2 includes more than half of hundred vital mobile development elements. It can easily help you to create sophisticated application based on built-in MVC system.

7. AppMakr

If you are far far away from coding but you have a great desire to bring alive your idea you can apply to this easy but really professional system. Using simple click solution it provides you with all needed instruments.

8. Monocross

Unlike previous ones this cross-platform mobile framework is based on C# Net. Using sophisticated Model-View-Controller pattern it can easily breathe life into any mobile application concept.

9. Application Craft

Application Craft gives a productive environment for programming and designing with a huge amount of beneficial features. Mighty cloud-based mobile development platform helps to create not only mobile but also tablet and desktop apps.

10. Appcelerator

Appcelerator harmoniously combines modern open source technologies and cloud service to make your development life much easier and less time-consuming. Generally, it has been used to create iOS and Android apps based on stable javascript framework.