Five things every start-up web designer should know about
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Here are five things that every web designers should keep in mind before he/she starts to design a website. 

Keep it clean & simple:

Always remember that a website should not just be appealing to the eye, but should also be user-friendly. To make it user friendly, it is important that you keep the overall layout of the website simple and clean.

The layout should be such that even the most lay person should be able to navigate and use the various features of the website without any confusion. Having too many features on a single page may end up confusing the viewer, especially if he/she is not so technically aware of things.

The design and layout should be such that the user should have absolutely no problem finding what he/she is looking for on the site and he should have a good time going through the site. 

Optimize graphics for better load time:

Not everyone today uses broadband connections. In third-world countries and even many people in the west still use type of internet connections which are way slower than broadband. So it is important that as a web designer you keep their concerns in mind and optimize your website graphics in such a manner that it takes the minimum time to load, even with a slower internet connection. To optimize your graphics, you’ll have to choose the proper format and ensure that the format is as small as possible. 

For instance, one thing that you as a web designer can do in this respect is to limit the number of images to a bare minimum. By reducing the number of images you will be able to cut down on the time a website takes to load and improve its performance even with connections with a lower internet speed. 

Give navigation the importance it deserves:

Navigation is probably the most important part of any website. It allows the user to find what he is looking for on the site. Without it having a website becomes meaningless. But even then, many web designers have the tendency to take navigation for granted. Firstly, it is imperative that the navigation part of a website is located at a place where it is highly visible.

The user should be able to see the navigation area as soon as he opens the page. Navigation should have the capacity to work without CSS because of text-based browsers. You may not appreciate this, but even today many mobile devices use text-based browsers.

So if you want your site to be visible on those mobile devices then you should use CSS disabled navigation. Your navigation should also not use client-side technologies such as JavaScript or Flash since many users may not have them installed on their computers.

It is always better to know how to write codes yourself:

Today the market is flooded with various WYSIWYG editors. These software have made web designing almost child’s play. But on the negative side, these editors have the tendency to insert code junk which results in poorly structured HTML which are harder to maintain and update.

 This can be negated if you know how to write the codes yourself. If you have the code writing skill then you can write clean and short codes which will negate the ill effects of WYSIWYG editors. 

SEO is highly important:

Always keep Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind while designing a website. After all, it is more likely that people would get access to your website through a search engine.

Therefore, it is highly important that you structure the web content in such a manner that it is easier to find the website through search engines. Your knowledge of code writing will come in handy here.

With this knowledge you’ll not only be able to make a clean and crisp site, but will also be able to improve the ranking of your site in major search engines.



#1 Suhaib Butt 2012-07-23 12:44
I used this for my own website! Thank you for the great tips!

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