Finding a Relationship between Analytics Data and Your Website Design
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As a website design Toronto firm, we found it important to suggest design changes and go about asking some serious questions. These questions more or less were pondered about – some of them were as follow:
  • What site elements are annoying users?
  • What can I do with the website design to accomplish site goals?
  • What’s wrong with the website?
  • What’s right about the site?
Once we had covered what the site needs, we were able to deduce a relationship between the analytics data and convert it into a website design that was convertible. Numbers may look pretty impressive on their own, however they don’t mean anything if they aren’t being leveraged to reach your goal.

This is one of the reasons why SEO needs to be thoroughly thought out before implementation. Reason being, if the site is designed poorly, your search engine optimization efforts may go to waste quite fast. Utilize the free analytic services provided by Google and leverage that data for your site’s well being and progress.

If you can’t find the time to do it yourself, then make the investment and opt for services from a Toronto web design firm or a SEO services company.

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