4 Tools for Monetizing Your Blog
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Blogging is not for everyone: you must have a passion for what you’re writing about and you have to be able to commit a certain amount of time each month. If you’re looking to monetize your blog, just know that you will need to have an established blog (usually at least 3-6 months old), a decent pagerank (PR 3 and up is best), and a good amount of traffic. Once you’re at the point, you can start seeking out different methods for making money from your blog.

To get you started, here are 4 great tools that can be used to monetize your blog.


LinkWorth offers many ways for you to monetize your blog such as: text link ads, paid reviews, pay-per-click ads, hosted content pages, article submission, and more. These are great methods for not only making money from your blog, but also for increasing your traffic. Making money at LinkWorth is as easy as adding a few links or banners to your blog. Plus, if you really enjoy writing, you can earn money by writing reviews for products and other services. image00321331.png

Text Link Ads

This very popular tool is used to generate targeted traffic and improve your search engine rankings, all while making you money. Static HTML links are purchased by advertisers and then placed within the content on your blog. The only downside to Text Link Ads is that you must have a fairly large amount of traffic each month; anything less is sure to be rejected; so make sure to build your traffic up before applying!

Note: If you are not accepted at TLA (Text Link Ads), then you may want to try Inlinks .

Blog to Profit

The concept of Blog to Profit is simple: it connects you with advertisers who are interested in sponsoring your blog. You then write a blog post and get paid for it.  It is a bit of a waiting game since you can’t bid on offers yourself, but it’s at least worth signing up and trying out
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Much like Blog to Profit, this tool is also geared toward sponsored posts. If you’d rather earn money from writing than by displaying ads on your blog, then you’ll love PayPerPost (PPP). With PPP you add your blog(s) and then wait to receive offers from advertisers.

As mentioned above, it can be frustrating playing the waiting game, but if you have a decent pagerank and good amount of traffic, the offers should be pretty steady. The only thing about PPP is that you have to wait 30 days before you can receive your payment. This is done to ensure that the post is not removed from your blog.

Other Useful Tools

A few other tools that you may find useful are:

  • Chitika - A popular alternative to AdSense, featuring targeted ads.
  • Jobs at ProBlogger - While most of the jobs here are for writing at other blogs, it’s still a great way to make money as a blogger if you enjoy writing.
  • Blog Ads - They specialize in blog advertising and social media connection.

These are just a few of the many tools available to monetize your blog. It will take some trial and error to see which tools work for you and which don’t. What may work for some bloggers, will not work for others. Plus it takes time to build up your blog and your revenue, so don’t get too frustrated if the money doesn’t start pouring in right away!


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