WMT Cover Flow - Joomla Module

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WMT Cover Flow is a flash based Joomla extension with over 35 settings to customize the behavior and appearance.

Each item in WMT Cover Flow can have its own link and link target window and you can specify the image that will show initially. Smooth tweens and true 3D makes it the best solution for displaying your work.

List of 8 free photo gallery extensions for Joomla that you must check

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Joomla has been the most popular open source solution having flexible architecture allowing more and more developers to build modules and components for this platform. Being a lover of photo gallery sites, we have found the below-mentioned extensions to be the most useful in taking your website to an unprecedented high.

The list of free extensions mentioned here offer simple ways to display photo albums and gives you the additional flexibility of customizing it. The range that has been included will help reducing space wastage on your website by allowing you to highlight your most preferred works.


Top 7 free Joomla SEO Extensions - recommendation

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Joomla today is probably the most popular as well as powerful CMS in use with the web designers. But what good is designing a website if one does not get enough traffic visiting it. That is why a website needs to be SEO optimized. 

There are many SEO extensions used by web designers to place the site on top of the charts. Here is a list of 7 such free Joomla SEO extensions that are most popular today with web designers and that we recommend.

10 Joomla Extensions that you must check

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 There are numerous free extensions of Joomla that can be used commercially. However, only a nominal number deserve being top of the list. Some top of the line GPL extensions have been featured in this list below:

Free Joomla Template WMT Tirquaz - PSD Logo Included

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Free Joomla Template Name:  WMT Tirquaz; Width: 800px; PSD Logo: Included; Layout: Left side bar, Main column

14 Adobe AIR Applications for Web Developers and Designers

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Adobe AIR  applications are one of the best and the easiest ways of exploiting the small intricacies of web development. Here is a list of some of the most fun, useful and popular applications out there.

16 Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

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Google chrome is perhaps the most used internet browser and with web develops lapping it up with ease, here is a list of some free extensions available from Google Chrome for all your web developing needs.

10 Photoshop Tutorials Websites that Every Web Designer Must Check

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Photoshop, that software which has helped tweak so many web pages, added that extra bit of glamour and awe to it and it is so easy to learn. Look at these tutorials and learn it step by step for your very own web page. And yes, people will be left awestruck at your artistic prowess.

Top 5 Websites for Web Development Resources

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Web development is a tricky business where one has to use all his resources in getting just the right blend and the right tone. Coding gets a new meaning as more and more complex codes are developed to make the website look attractive and simple to use. Such an extensive encyclopedia of coding lingo, resources and tools gets lots in the muddle in the head of a coder and so there are hundreds of tools at his disposal.

Websites, eBooks, libraries and the mind of that Web Developer, who creates even more stuff and fiddles with new technologies. So, here is a list of the best websites and online resources a Web developer should have access to in order to simplify the use and ease out the time taken in coding.

Five Top rated Joomla image Extensions

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Image manipulations on a website give it a more lucrative look and up the glam quotient of your website. With the many Joomla tools and modules available, this has become an easy task with images which can be animated, fiddled with or just placed anywhere on the website.

Here is a list of the five top rated Joomla Image extensions coders are using everywhere. They are easy to install and create a website with that professional look.

5 Joomla Language Extensions

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 A website is basically made in English and users from non English speaking countries suffer through a lot to translate the content. And as it is said, some things are lost in translations and many terms and ideas are lost when users use crude tools to translate the page.

Joomla offers many extensions and tools to give access to in built translators in a website so the Web Developer can moderate the content that is translated while keeping in a close check that no information or bits of codes are lost while putting the text and content through translators.

Here is a list of the top 5 Joomla language extensions that every user swears by.

10 Web Development Tools to Reduce Coding

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With the web of web development spreading faster and becoming complicated with each twist and turn, simply sitting back and writing page after page of code is just not feasible. Of course you can always go the full on enterprise route, utilizing app development platforms but that can be costly, how do you find a middle solution? With the advent of softwares like Dreamweaver, this became easier and now latest technologies and drafters push their way out to make this process more easy and coder friendly, per se.

Here is a list of ten Web Development tools which reduce tedious coding, are user friendly and smart enough to help develop complicated pieces with the finesse of a master at work.

Seven Joomla Extensions you must have

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Joomla today is probably the most popular open source content management system used by web developers. The reasons for its popularity are many. Firstly, its open source makes it an easily available software as it can be downloaded by web developers for free. Apart from that it is easy to use, easy to install and setup and highly extensible - all this combine to give the Joomla the popularity it enjoys today. 

But here, we will specifically focus on the various extensions that can be used with Joomla and choose some of them which are a must-have if you are going to use Joomla efficiently. 

Five things every start-up web designer should know about

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 Whether you are a website developer just starting your work or aspiring to be one in the future, if your basics are not strong you will not be successful in this profession. Like many other profession, web designing also depends on the skill level and knowledge of the designers.

But as they say, before you learn to fly you must learn to crawl, walk and run. So before you start to do advance stuffs, you must know about the very basics of website designing. 

Five Basic SEO Tips for Webmasters

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I hear a lot of people asking "What's SEO?" SEO is short for 'search engine optimization'. It is positioning your website to be indexed by the search engines and improving your web presence.

There are really a lot of benefits to performing SEO work. Actually it is crucial. It is all about generating traffic to make sales. You want your site to be Google-friendly and fine tuned by using your keywords and keyword phrases. Traffic is customers and customers are sales. No customers no sales. It is that simple.

The Best JavaScript Extensions for Chrome

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image00asasss.pngDo you love working with JavaScript? Are you a student learning JavaScript who needs to test code inside your browser? Do you just want to try out some cool extensions for Chrome?

Well, if you answered yes to any of the above questions, this list of JavaScript extensions for Google Chrome is just for you! It’s a known fact that Firefox has some pretty awesome Add-ons for Web development purposes - including debugging and testing tools, but what about Chrome? Let’s take a look at what Chrome has to offer and see if the extensions can compare to Firefox. 


WMT Pro Mp3 Player - Joomla Extension

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Wmt PRO Mp3 Player is a flash based Mp3 Player for Joomla. Some of WMT PRO Mp3 Player Features: Unlimited numbers of Mp3 Players on website, Unlimited numbers of Albums in Mp3 Player, Custom Album cover; Mp3 Player settings: Auto Play, Continuous Play, On Complete Jump To Next, Repeat, Initial Volume ...

8 Important Tools Every Web Designer Should Use

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Some people may think that web designers have it easy because of all the tools available for use on the Web, for the desktop, and for mobile devices. However, all of these tools can often be more of a curse than a blessing at times. There are so many tools to choose from and there’s just not enough time in the day to test them all out. For new designers it can be extremely overwhelming just trying to figure out where to start.

So, this list will give you a good idea of the important tools that you should be using as a web designer. Let’s take a look.

4 Real-Time Analytics and Social Media Monitoring Tools to Increase Blog Engagement

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Social media is one of the best tools for promoting your blog content, but how do you measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts? How do you see who is sharing your content and who is actually clicking on those shared links, or if anyone is at all? You need an in-depth tool that can give you insights and analytics.

This list will explore 4 tools that offer real-time social media monitoring tools that will help you see where you’re thriving and what areas need work.

WMT Free Joomla Template - Nature V3

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WMT Free Joomla Template - Nature V3 is a 3 columns based template. Nice clean elegant design. Template width: 900px.
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