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WMT Supersized Slideshow is responsive free Joomla CMS component slideshow built using the jQuery. With this component you can create unlimited number of slideshows and assign each slideshow to separate menu item. Also, you can setup this slideshow component to open in fullscreen (see our demo)

When you first install WMT Supersized Slideshow component you MUST open configuration options and click Save in order to display slideshow.
Navigate to Components --> Supersized Slideshow Slides then click on the Options button and on Save

Setup WMT Supersized Slideshow

To setup WMT Supersized Slideshow navigate to Components --> Supersized Slideshow Slides


Then click on the New button to create new slideshow.

Fill in the required fields:

  • Title (title of your slideshow)
  • Folderpath (path where you want to save uploaded images - example images/myslideshowimages)

On your right side you have form to add image/s to your slideshow.

  • Click Browse to select image for upload
  • Enter URL (link when the user clicks on that image)
  • Title (title for that slide)


When you are finished with adding first image, click on the Add new image link to add second image.

When you are done with adding images to your slideshow, navigate to Menus --> Main Menu --> Add New Menu Item  to display slideshow on front page.

Click on Select in Menu Item Type and click on the slide layout in Wmt Supersized Slideshow group.

On your right, from Required Settings click to select slideshow and assign it to Menu Item.

Add Menu Title and Save your menu item.

Navigate to front page of your website and under the Main Menu click on the Menu Item that you have created in previous step.

Configuration WMT Supersized Slideshow

To configure WMT Supersized Slideshow navigate to Components --> Supersized Slideshow Slides

Then click on the Options button to configure slideshow options.



-1 #7 Jana 2014-08-16 02:28
Hello, i just downloaded & installed. Then I went to configuration an clicked on save. After that I wanted to go to the component super sized slideshow, but instead this shows up
Fatal error: Class Wmt_supersized_ slideshowContro ller cannot extend from interface JController in /home/.sites/19/site1175/web/jana/administrator/components/com_wmt_supersi zed_ slideshow/controller.php on line 15

What have I done wrong?
-1 #6 RoLo 2014-04-23 18:19
Quoting Webmaster-tips.net:
Quoting RoLo:
Hi, and what if i want to delete any of the created images?

On your right, you have "X" above each image.

I don´t have it! :(
What can i do? What can i check?

I just confirmed that the problem is in Chrome, i tried FF and is perfect.
-1 #5 Webmaster-tips.net 2014-04-23 09:43
Quoting RoLo:
Hi, and what if i want to delete any of the created images?

On your right, you have "X" above each image.
-1 #4 RoLo 2014-04-23 00:23
Hi, and what if i want to delete any of the created images?
+2 #3 Konstantinos 2014-02-12 18:55
What if I want to have my main menu appeared on the top of the page during the slideshow?
I tried to add some text instead of normal menu but I couldn't turn it in to links... All href I was adding, didn't work!
-1 #2 Allan Pizzani 2014-01-31 15:57
Using in Joomla 3.2.1, very good.
Safari, Opera, Firefox and IE 11 OK.
IE8 dont working
+1 #1 Heidi 2013-11-13 02:20
Hi just downloaded this component and installed. Went to component then to super sized slideshow slides....
Got the following error message:

Fatal error: Class 'JControllerLega cy' not found in
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WMT Supersized Slideshow - Download

Download Joomla extension from our Download section
Unlimited License:    
This extension is free for download. You can use this extension on unlimited domains.    
To download this extension you will need to register an account . Registration is quick, simple and all you need is a valid email address.
Requriements / Compatibility: Technology:
 compat_25.pngcompat_30.png  csshtml5.pnglarge_jquery_logo.png  
Extension Form: Files in archive:
 comp_icon.png Archive file for each Joomla! version.  
JED Status:    
Published in Joomla Extension Directory  JED: WMT Supersized Slideshow  

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