Free HTML5 - Random Gallery - Joomla Component
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The HTML5 Random Gallery Joomla Component is using the GPU (hardware acceleration), the rendering speed and performance is impeccable on desktop computers and most importantly on mobile devices. Support keyboard arrows or mouse wheel for navigation.

This HTML5 Random Gallery Joomla Component comes with 3 different styles. You can make your own skin with custom buttons. Buttons are actually images (.png or .jpg) so you can replace them with your own graphics, the button graphics can be have a different shape, basically the look of this gallery can be completely modified.

Free HTML5 - Random Gallery Joomla Component

1. Install WMT Random Gallery

WMT Random Gallery installs like any other Joomla Component . If you are not familiar with Joomla Extensions installation, you can watch short video tutorial about how to install joomla extensions. 

2. WMT Random Gallery Configuration

WMT Flow Slider has administrator configuration component where you can add new images, change dimensions and templates

To access administrator configuration component navigate: Components --> WMT Random Gallery. 


First screen shows items that are added to WMT Random Gallery 

2.1 Upload new image 

  • Click on the Images button - upper right 
  • Click on Upload link
  • Browse for desired image and click Upload - upper right


2.2 Add new Image

  • Click on New - upper right
  • Click on the thumbnail "No image" to open pop-up window and select desired image
  • Fill all fields and click Save - upper right

2.3 Configuration 

  • Click on Config - upper right 
  • Setup all parameters
  • Click on Save - upper right

2.4 Edit image Title and Description

  • Click on checkbox next to the image
  • Click on New button (upper right)
  • Make changes and click Save (upper right)


3. Publish WMT Random Gallery on Frontpage

  • Navigate to Menues --> DESIRED MENU --> Add Menu Items
  • From Menu Item Type select WMT Flow Slider
  • Add Menu Title and clikc on Save
You can also watch short video tutorial: How to add Menu Item in Joomla.

4. Navigation

U can use keyboard arrows or mouse wheel for navigation.



+1 #4 viktor 2014-05-01 15:42
where is download!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!&?????
+3 #3 Nicole Wasuna 2013-12-12 15:21
I'm logged in but I can't find the download button
-1 #2 иукл&# 2013-10-03 18:25
Dont work on iPad and iPhone when i am clicking on a photo. Its just loading on a screen. Help please, thanks
+24 #1 Ayaz Gul 2013-07-18 19:07
Hard to find download link
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Free HTML5 - Random Gallery - Download

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