Most Innovative And Powerful jQuery Plugins

In today's post we will share with you some of the jQuery plugin that proved to be the most innovative and useful. These plug-ins and can contribute significantly to save time and meet the many demands of modern web design and development.

jQuery plugin that will be presented have different purposes: plugin for the web and mobile display, menus and navigation, sliders, galleries, forms, text effects.

How to use jQuery plug-ins?

As we know jQuery has a powerful library that allows you to meet a variety of demands developmnta web. By using jQuery plugin functionality number is still increasing.

To use jQuery plugin is all that is required is to set the reference to them in the head section of an HTML document under the main jQuery file.

If in our list have not found a plugin that matches the needs of your project, you can search the jQuery plugin repository containing plugins organized by categories, with detailed data, documentation, demo display, etc.

1. pagePiling.js


jQuery plugin for coating sections of the site through scrolling.

2. fullPage.js


A simple plugin for creating fullscreen skrolujućih web sites.

3. Slidebars


Plug consisting of 2kb of all of the code. Allows you to create a menu that is activated at the click as the applications.

4. scotchPanels.js


jQuery off-canvas menu and panel plugin

5. SVGMagic


The plugin that automatically finds SVG images on your website and creates a PNG version if browser does not support SVG

6. Vide


jQuery plugin for easily adding video backgrounds for your Web sites.

7. Dense.js


Plugin for easy use retina-ready image



Simple fullscreen vertical slider that uses CSS3 Transitions with jQuery fallback

9. Simple jQuery Slider


An easy jQuery slider that perfectly fulfills its main function - slideshow.

10. Justified.js


The plugin that creates a network image aligned with both sides.

11. Shuffle Images


jQuery plugin that allows you to view multiple images in the galleries that display by moving the cursor.

12. jQuery.fontFlex.js


Plugin for dynamically changing the font size depending on the machine on which the site is displayed.

13. Morphext


jQuery carousel plugin based on animate.css text phrases.

14. Guardian


A flexible plug-in for all kinds of validation fit.

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