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A web designer can never have too many tools and utilities under his belt, and this list has some interesting new gadgets that can make your life as a designer easier. 



Now here's a reasonably small JavaScript library for creating data driven chart visualisations for your web site. The library is using HTML, CSS and SVG code to create static or animated charts or graphs.

Extensive documentation and easy explanations make this a very powerful tool indeed, and the support it's getting from it's creators and the community make it's development an assured thing. The issues xCharts had when it was released are ironed out by now, and at the moment it's a great tool for making good looking charts.



The last tool is a serious one, so let's link to something that is much less so. I can think of several fun ways to use this quality jQuery plugin for cool scroll animations. While this is not something you'd use all the time, there are definitely creative uses for this free piece of code - the first thing that came to my mind was making a really neat birthday card for my nerdy friend. 



Back to the serious themes again. Responsive designs have become standards in the web design industry lately, with sites having to look good on various platforms and on various types of screens, from small handheld devices to wide screen PC's.

Finding a good responsive site is reasonably easy, but creating a HTML table that is responsive is... tricky, to say the least. Well, FooTable is there for you. It can convert your HTML tables into expendable responsive tables. 

Easy configuration and simple use make this a great addition to your jQuery arsenal.

Responsive Email Templates


Let's get back to responsive designs. We've got a great template here that can make your communication look good no matter what platform you are sending a mail to or sending it from.

Responsive e-mail Templates are experiments that got out of hand for the Zurb team on, so they decided to share the results of their experiments with the rest of the world and let us fiddle around with great looking mail templates.


Modern coders have a wide range of tools at their disposal to make their content available at their fingertips. Access to FTP servers, Dropbox, SFTP, your files, your mails and so on - it can all be at the palm of your hand with Codeanywhere.

The whole thing is a code editor/browser with an integrated FTP client and advanced support for all popular coding formats. You can edit your code online, develop and maintain your sites with all the tools you're using.

You can also have readily available no matter where you are at the moment - as long as there's a screen and an internet connection in front of you, you're good to go. It is perfect for coding on the move, coding during a vacation or during long trips.


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