Flowplayer - Flash Video Player

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111_flowplayer_444.jpg is a official website for Flowplayer, an Open Source video player for websites. Webmasters are free to use Flowplayer to embed video streams into their personal web pages and in commercial projects, too. Player is highly skinnable.

Color scheme designer - Online tool

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111colorschemedesigner.jpg is a online tool that will help you chose matching colors for your website. Just click to rainbow circle to pick main color and you will get whole color scheme.

Spicing up Twitter background - Online Tools

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You can easily change the background of your Twitter page which matches somewhat to your personality. As people are too much into Twitter now, it is just a logical technique of treating Twitter as portraying an image of your own self. You can personalize the pictures even with all that you prefer to post.

You make use of numerous online tools that are useful and practical for your while you are considering personlaizing your Twitter page’s background. Some of the background tools used for Twitter are as under;

Browser Compatibility Checks- how to do it

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121browsercompatibi_33.jpg All the Internet users have a broad choice when it comes to making use of the browsers while they want to surf the World Wide Web.

As web developers and designers, they need to make sure that all the websites are created in such ways which are compatible for all and the most commonly used web browsers nowadays.

Best Open Source E-Commerce Shopping Carts

WMT Category: Tools

If you have thought about opening an online store by selling different items, then you must be coming across different obstacles and questions that are occupying you. For beginners, you should be deciding about having excess stock, clean inventory, and then it involves resources for all the items and many more.


Website Performance and Speed Checking Tools

WMT Category: Tools
Google has started taking the website’s loading and speed into consideration while determining its position and standing. However, it is not something crucial but it is extremely important for the web programmers and developers.

It is because mostly the visitors are in rush while they are surfing over the Internet and they will not be waiting for half a century to let the website load properly and then even it shows that the content is not loaded appropriately.

Make online forms with Jotform

WMT Category: Tools
With Jotform online for builder you can easy make php forms for your website without knowing single PHP code. You can make contact form, blog contact/survey, event calendar, document uploader form, satisfaction survey, time sheet, job application form, RSVP for a party or wedding, bug tracker or reservation form.

Online CSS optimizer tool

WMT Category: Tools is great online tool for reducing the file size of your cascading style sheets. Cssoptimiser will not just remove white spaces and comments but also it will group all that can be grouped and avoid unnecessary duplication. CSS optimized files will be hard to read in order to save more space. You should save copy of old CSS on your computer. Then, when you need to revise your CSS you don't edit the compressed version, you will edit the source CSS and then rebuild it before uploading.

Firebug-webmasters a must tool

WMT Category: Tools
firebug.jpgThere is a very big percent of webmaster that use Firefox as a main browser. One of very useful Firefox extension for webmasters is Firebug . You have feeling you have several web development tools at your fingertips while you browse websites with Firebug. You can open Firebug in a separate window, or as a bar at the bottom of your browser. Firebug makes it simple to find HTML elements buried deep in the page. With click on page element, Firebug gives you many information about it, lets you edit the HTML code live and see how changes looks like in browser, same thing is with CSS. 

Seomoz SEO tools collection

WMT Category: Tools have one of the best SEO tools collection. With Linkscape tool you can identify how many unique domains are linking to a page, subdomain, or to entire website, judge the quality of potential links to your site, or Measure success of your link bait campaigns. Trifecta Tool measures the number of sites and pages link to you, number of times your website title or your name is mentioned on the internet, and how much traffic your site receives. Term Targeting tool assigns grade to a page that represents how well desired keywords are targeted. SEOmoz Firefox toolbar checks mozRank, mozTrust and other Linkscape metrics in your browser.

Dynamic CSS Layout Generator

WMT Category: Tools generates multi-column and grid layouts with CSS 2.0 techniques for your website. You chose if you would like to use percent, pixels, or em. You can chose between nested and parallel layout, too. Nested design have more coding and it generates robust liquid layouts. Parallel CSS design applies to both fixed and liquid web layouts and it have less coding. Pagecolumn can help you generate one to five columns page, with header and footer.

Website SEO Grader

WMT Category: Tools is a free SEO tool that measures effectiveness of your website. It provides a score that incorporates things like onsite SEO, offsite SEO, website traffic, social media popularity and other technical factors. It also provides you with some basic advices on how your website can be improved from a marketing and SEO perspective. Website Grader anylize Metadata, Headings, images,

Page2RSS feeds for static pages

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page2rss.jpgIf you have static website you probably don't offer RSS feature to your visitors. But wouldn't that be great? here is solution - is a great tool that helps you monitor web sites that do not publish feeds. It will check any web page for updates and deliver them to your favorite RSS reader. There is short procedure for webmasters to make Feed Button for their websites.

Vector Magic - Convert Online Bitmaps to Vector

WMT Category: Tools
vector.gifWith Vextor Magic, you can easily convert bitmaps to Vector art. Supported image formats: *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif, and *.png.  You have a two options for conversion: convert Online or Download Free trial Desktop application.
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