15 Recommended Android Apps For Multitasking - Android Multitasking To The Max

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In this article we will present our recommendation for easier and enjoyable multitasking experience on your Android devices.

Create Professional Resumes - Online Tools

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Nice set of free online tools that will guide you through resume creation process. Most of them will give you an option to download a PDF, ready-for-print version.

Essential iPhone apps for web designers

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Due to advanced mobile technologies web designers get opportunity to do their job everywhere they want. They no longer depend on notebooks or immovable computers that wait for them at home. They can start or continue the work at the most convenient time.

The mobile programs have three basic advantages - mobility, accessibility and independence that, in most cases, allow not only to lose a moment of inspiration that usually comes unexpectedly, but also process and shape it into something recognizable. 

With a great variety of iOS applications you can immediately construct or draw by hand necessary mockups, colorize them and make them almost alive.

Today I have collected 15 essential iPhone applications that will definitely come in handy for any web designer.

15 Awesome Twitter Tools to Boost Productivity

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One of the greatest breakthroughs in communication this millennium has been the advent of social media. This is because these social sites have made communication a breeze, and networking easy.

So, today, I have come up with a list of Twitter tools that you need to boost your productivity, and in the process get the most out of this giant social site

Build your own mobile application - 10 Helpful Tools

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With immense integrity of mobile web into our lives, mobile applications have become an integral part of everyday routine. Due to fast-growing technologies developers get a huge field of self realization with an opportunity to create amazing truly valuable mobile applications.

And now, even if you don’t have enough development knowledge or experience you can easily contribute to this sphere with really helpful and hands-down free frameworks that provide you with all necessary tools.Today I want to showcase a collection of useful instruments that can help to build your own mobile application.

Timeline Content Banner - So simple yet so powerful

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Content Timeline

When you browse the web today you will come across many variations of banners in a header, some have cool and appealing transitions others have certain functionalities that you may or may not need, but in most cases it all comes down to the design of the image in the banner. If the image or the design inside the banner is good, it can be classified as a good advertising space.

But what if you need more? What if you would like to display 15 or more items in a banner? When you start browsing the web for that kind of a banner you will be amazed with the lack of offer. Even if you are able to find what you need, it will most certainly be stripped of a function that you need or the design will be, let’s say, questionable.


14 Adobe AIR Applications for Web Developers and Designers

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Adobe AIR  applications are one of the best and the easiest ways of exploiting the small intricacies of web development. Here is a list of some of the most fun, useful and popular applications out there.

5 Simple and Impressive Content Management Systems For Web Designers

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Content Management Systems, also known as CMS, are excellent for creating and editing both simple and complex websites. The best part about them is that you won’t need a degree in Web Design and Development, Computer Programming, or anything like that because there’s no programming knowledge needed. Most offer WYSIWYG or drag and drop functionality for easy organization and development of your pages.

While some CMS platforms can be more on the complex side, they usually offer more functionality and better features. Lucky for you we have a list of easy-to-use CMS platforms that also deliver on the features and functionality. So here are 5 simple and impressive content management systems that won’t disappoint.

SEO Tools - Get the Facts on How to Get Started

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Not a lot of people are familiar with Search Engine Optimization - let alone SEO Tools. In fact, probably more of them do not have a clue as to what it is. If you are one of them, it is probably good that you continue reading right down to the very last paragraph.

The Top 8 Color Palette Sources for Web Designers

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When it comes to designing, colors are very important because they help set the mood and tone of your website. Sometimes you may have specific colors in mind that you want to use and other times you may need some inspiration to get you started.

Addthis! and Google +1 Button size and display

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In this tutorial we will show you how to add and customize Google +1 Button to AddThis!, world's largest content sharing platform.

Image manipulation tools - Alternatives

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If you think Photoshop is the only image editing tool available in the market, you have to read this because there are many other softwares which have the same ability like Photoshop and which can easily serve the purpose as the alternative for Adobe Photoshop. These image editing tools are easily available online and free to download.

Useful Toolkits and Utensils for Designers

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Mostly the web designers get started with the projects having their own machines. There are numerous tools and utensils that can be used for creating prototypes, mockups, wireframes, and various other planning activities. These tools are available while you are being online and also offline tools are also available which are paper-based and can turn out to be extremely essential for your speedy growth and development. 

Best online file sharing alternatives

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We have great processing computers which have the ability to process bigger size of files in today’s era of technology. Although our computers can process bigger size of files, sharing those files with your friends and family is still a problem as the current infrastructure does not support such big amount of files to be shared on some data server.

Doc to PDF - Online tool

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You have some document in MS Word and you need it converted in PDF. Use this free online tool. Pdfonline will convert your documents to PDF, or your PDF documents to Word, or even convert web page to PDF document.
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