FileMaker vs Excel for Business Purposes

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There’s a common joke in the business world that goes along the lines of “the entire world runs on Excel”. And while it always gets a few chuckles out of those hearing it, there is a frightening degree of truth to that phrase. So much that the situation has become quite bad for some businesses, which rely on Microsoft’s spreadsheet solution or something equivalent to extreme degrees.


Top 5 Tips for People That are New to Website Building

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When it comes to building your new website, it isn’t make-or- break if you use Wix,
WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla… it comes down to a few key strategies. Make a mistake
early in the design and you may have to spend all that time again fixing the mistake or
you could find you get zero traffic once the site is live.
If you're building a new website, keep these 5 tips in mind and it will go a long way towards the success of your launch.


3 Must Have Upgrades For Your Blog In 2017

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Like all forms of technology today, the moment you think you have gotten your blog to that point of ultimate perfection.....the whole blogosphere changes again!


10 Important Factors To Choosing Plug-Ins For Your Blog

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Blogging may have once been a great way to share your passions with the world or expel some excess thoughts in your free time, but these days having a corner of the Internet to call your own has become closer to a necessity than ever.

Biggest mistakes in choosing a host for your WordPress blog

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wp_hosting_nic-1.jpgAlthough WordPress is one of the most ubiquitous platforms that is available for blogging and other Internet functions, it is not universally compatible with all web hosts.

5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Drupal Web Hosting Company

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why-drupal1.jpgIn this case, "support" represents two different things. The first thing is the platform.

4 must-haves for user-friendly Magento store

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magento.jpgThere is no doubt that user friendliness adds value to your store. In a good online store customers can quickly find what they need; 


Differences between using Joomla vs WordPress Hosting

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1joomla-hosting1.png Although today there is an ever expanding number of Content Management Systems (CMS) that a user can choose from, very few CMS platforms have gained as much popularity as Joomla and WordPress.

Which Web Hosting Providers make it Easiest to Transfer a Website?

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f you are running a website—small, personal or a larger business site—a time may come when you want to move to a new host and you may need a good guide to transfer a website.

The step-by-step guide to choosing the best web hosting provider

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 How do you choose the best web hosting provider? Do issues of price, bandwidth, server upgrades and disc storage matter nowadays...


How you can sell web hosting as a value added service to your design clients

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infinitemarketing-web-hosting-web-hosting1.jpgWith all of the new web design companies that are finding their way into the business these days, you need to have all ...


What's the Truth Behind Shared Website Hosting?

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31.jpgKnown as the most popular type of hosting by far, shared website hosting is used by about 95% of website owners. Even though this type of hosting is very popular, most people don't really understand it.

Attacat - A Great Tool to Audit Cookies

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If you are looking for a great tool to help you audit your website’s cookies and check if the website complies with the EU cookies directive...

5 Things To Consider When Making a Website

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Whether you're doing it as a hobby project or practicing your skills as a web designer/developer...

How to Setup a cPanel-based VPS For Your Website

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VPS hosting refers to a Virtual Private Server that’s sold as a service to customers by a hosting service company. It imitates a dedicated server among a shared hosting environment and is technically considered both dedicated and shared hosting.

A VPS kind of hosting is just one of many types of web hosting accounts to choose from in order to get your website up and running online. To get a website online, you need to store the files for your website on an actual web server. But, setting up and subsequently managing a web server can be very costly as well as difficult.


Understanding Types of Web Hosting Services

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Before you can compare web hosting plans and find the best one according to your needs and personal preferences, you must first decide the kind of web hosting service you want to use. There are a number of them to choose from, starting with the highly affordable shared hosting, all the way to Virtual Private Servers and dedicated servers. Which one is best for you? Let’s find out, shall we?

5 Ways Creating Buyer Personas Will Boost Sales

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Developing buyer personas is new e-commerce marketing technique that uses the power of focused, targeted marketing strategies for content that will appeal to real-time buyers. By investing in and creating effective buyer personas, a company will be more equipped to satisfy real people who buy – or might buy – their products or services.

Although buyer personas are great for e-commerce marketing, if an online marketing team projects the wrong image, the process may become more harmful than helpful. However, if your company can produce sound buyer personas, you may see immediate benefits, as well as long-term sales generation.


What is A/B Split Testing and How You Can Use it to Improve Your E-Commerce?

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In a general sense, A/B testing is a methodology used by marketing professionals in advertising decisions. The core principle of A/B testing, which is mostly a jargon term used in business, is randomization between experiments of two variant conditions that consist of a control and testing hypothesis. Both of these conditions are completely identical except for one variation that might affect the customer's behavior – or in the case of business – their buying decisions.

A/B testing has been used for decades, particularly in market research, surveys, and data logging for products and services throughout the world. However, with the rise of e-commerce and internet start-up companies, many Silicon Valley executives have turned to A/B “split” testing for user experience design. They seek the optimal web design that will increase user experience and provide measure control through statistical evidence found from data collection. The internet allows for massive real-time data and, therefore, makes A/B split testing more applicable in an e-commerce environment. Companies are able to test more than one component of a website within a live environment, using one version of a page against another version of that page.


Why and How to Improve your Web-Site Speed

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One of the most important things that any web-designer is advised to take into consideration is how long does it take to load his or her web-page. The issues connected to site-speed are very common, and they have to be dealt with on a regular basis.

As most of you probably already know, both the site-speed and the page loading time are incorporated into Google’s algorithms for determining the Page Rank of your site. In plain words, if your web-site is slow, it will be poorly ranked and thus, the potential chance for the popularity of your page will be decreased drastically. Keep in mind that Google is under constant development, so it is virtually impossible to be aware of all their changes in algorithm and related updates at all times. 

Traffic Boosting Social Marketing Tools For Webmasters

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Social Media is definitely playing an important role nowadays for the success of a website; this is why it is fundamental to know how to build up the back links and drive social media groups to your website.

Developing your skill in this type of web development does not necessarily have to be tedious, on the contrary, it can be fun and very useful to enhance the visibility and drive traffic to a website.
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