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Install Joomla SEF Patch:  This patch will improve Joomla core code in good SEO code & is accessible for Joomla 1.010. Basic installation of the Joomla is not completely optimized for the search engine optimization and this patch provides you an ability to allocate META data to Joomla connected URL's, so that you can define META data for the Joomla components. It also offers multi phrase keywords recommendations for URL META web pages; you can also overrule META settings of "standard" Joomla pages and allocate various META tags then documents
Install sh404SEF
This particular component is wonderful and it allows you to make use of mod_rewrite feature on a Linux servers.
In an other words, it eliminates ugly long URL’s that includes special characters. You can make your URL’s suing your particular keywords. For example, in case you write web page on carrots, then you want to get main keyword in URL if it is possible. sh404SEF also allows you to make friendly URLs as well as assign them to built-in URL's that are not crawler friendly. It is very important because few CMS web site URL's have stop characters such as & % that can stop search engine to crawl further on your site and this component as well includes lots of seo tools, such as Google sitemap creator.

Install Link Building Component
There are many goods ones in the market. Linx is new one that has built-in link checking and this means it can automatically check to make sure your partner has link back to your web site. It is very simple to make categories on fly, as well as to add a link partners by cutting and pasting the website info in form.


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A mere online presence won’t serve the purpose of reaching out and impressing your target audience, to beat the competition you need a well designed website with a good search rank and for that you need help of companies which provide complete solutions in website designing and development and search engine optimization.

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