WMT Dock Menu Gallery - Joomla Module

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WMT Dock Menu Gallery - Joomla Module for displaying Dock Menus from already created Menus within Joomla CMS.
In Module Manager you have 6 predefined styles that you can use and all options that are displayed on Demo page.

Administraor has option to use more then one Module on page. (Example: you can have horizontal and vertical menu on same page).

Amazing Login Page Designs for Your Inspiration

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With changing trends, we need to change our respective strategies when designing. This year, we know that responsive, flat designs have become the trend. Accordingly, we need to incorporate this into every aspect of our designs. That applies to the login page too.  Previously, the login page used to be simple and did not involve much designing.

To help you settle in to this change, we have rounded up some very interesting login page designs that involve floating boxes, transparent backgrounds and even sophisticated designs.  These elegant designs are displayed so that you get an idea of the popular trends and ideas behind each design.

20 Business Card Designs That You’ll Never Forget

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Who said that business cards have to be professional, clean, crisp, rectangle, et cetera? Here are some of the business card design created till date that are bound to leave an impact and they neither come under the conventional section nor do they follow the ‘etiquette’ of the corporate world. They are funky. They are creative.

These cards are so variegated that they range from ‘being pretty’ to ‘coming handy’ to being ‘downright hilarious’. How you ask? Just read on to see some of the most amazing business card designs.

20 amazing HTML5 & JQuery Image Sliders that you probably didn't know about

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Need some fast and responsive HTML5 or JQuery Image Sliders for your brand new website? Read on to see some of the best Image Sliders in the market and pick any of these that is to your liking. These sliders are not only fast but provide incredible interfaces and enhance the look and feel of your site. On top of that, they have amazing Transition Effects and have Custom Options so that you can edit them as per your requirements. These sliders are also compatible with multiple platforms so you will not have to worry about any setup process for a different platform.

Below, we have also presented some tutorials for the coders. Now, go ahead and choose any one from the following amazing Sliders for your project:

20 Resources That Every Designer Needs

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Ever felt you were being bogged down by the resources that you have at your disposal? Ever felt that if you had a better or a more attractive resources kit, then you would’ve met that deadline you weren’t able to meet or satisfy that client who rejected your design? In this fast-paced world, where trends are made every second, let us see a few resources that are the saving grace of some and the magic tricks of others.

These resources come to the aid of all those desperate souls that search for better resources in the nick of time to complete their project that’s almost awesome but never quite so.

Now, pay attention and feast upon the amazing resources developed by the truly ingenious developers to make our designing tasks that much more easy.

WMT Horizontal Gridfolio - Joomla Component

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The WMT Horizontal Gridfolio has a responsive layout and 4 predefined themes that you can use. Take a look Live Preview that is provided, where you can see in which way you can use this grid. 

The gallery can have unlimited number of images. When a thumbnail is clicked the lightbox can display images, or videos loaded from YouTube or Vimeo. You can also prove URL that will be opened when the thumbnail is clicked. Download WMT Horizontal Gridfolio free version from our download section.

20 Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials That To Make Your Designs Look Cool

WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Graphics

There have been numerous tutorials published online that showcase the most creative and attractive text effects that a designer can incorporate into their designs. These tutorials are the best way to learn new design skills.

The following are a list of great tutorials collected from a wide range of websites.

20 Restaurant Menu Designs that are Inspiring as well as Effective

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Most people would not find the regular Restaurant Menu to be anything other than a listing of the food and beverages served at the place. But what if you could infuse a bit of art into it and make stunning Menu designs that not only give out the relevant information, but inspire you with their clever looks and beautiful covers as well.

We have scourged the net to bring you some of the most ingenious and clever Restaurant Menu designs.

Most ingenious usage of negative space in logos

WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Graphics
Ever looked at a print ad in the newspaper and frowned at the disturbingly complex company logo which reeked of too much creativity? Well, everybody has; sometimes it is not always the best thing to cramp every bit of detail into a restricted space.

Especially in case of logos where even a stroke of black ink could convey the message effectively. Designers use the negative space concept very often in their designs.

A negative space, in layman’s terms, is the space that surrounds the prime subject in an image.
This post would help you get a better picture about this technique with a few examples:

WMT Thumbnail JQ Gallery - Joomla Component

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WMT Thumbnail JQ Gallery is jQuery, responsive image gallery with multiple categories options via menu item. Download WMT Thumbnail JQ Gallery Joomla Component for FREE from our download section.

15 Excellent Designing Portfolios For Your Inspiration

WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Web Design Tips

The internet is full from a number of awesome and inspiring portfolios’ designs. By making your online visibility more impressive as you expect, it is vital to create online portfolio that will help you stand out in this challenging marketplace. It can be designed in different sizes and shapes, it’s up to you and it doesn’t matter whether you are an illustrator, web-savvy developer or graphics designer.

Not only this, it is a way that presents your site and attracts your potential clients effectively. The portfolio gives a superstar web designer touch & an innovative thinking lets you enable to engage more clients for a long time. There are a plenty of online tools available over the web that can help users build a portfolio without having sound knowledge of coding.   

Check out 15 most inspiring and incredible online design portfolios for all, whether a design agency or individual site designer.


WMT All Around Portfolio - Joomla Component

WMT Section: Joomla Extensions - WMT Category: Joomla Components
WMT All Around Portfolio - Joomla Component can display your company services, personal portfolio, products,real-estate properties, vacation/holiday offers, cooking recipes and much much more.
Free Download WMT All Around Portfolio - TEST VERSION.

WMT Responsive Grid Gallery - Joomla Component

WMT Section: Joomla Extensions - WMT Category: Joomla Components
WMT Responsive Grid Gallery - Joomla Component - responsive and adaptive design, optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet browsers, 6 types item hover animation, easy install and use, Joomla 2.5 and 3.x compatible, unlimited items. Free download from our download section

Enhance Joomla! website usability with HTML5 Flipping Book Joomla Component!

WMT Section: Joomla Extensions - WMT Category: Joomla Components
1.jpgOur partners, JoomPlace team, have recently announced the release of a new Joomla! Extension - HTML5 Flipping Book Component specially developed for creating digital publications like eBooks, online magazines, catalogues and brochures, taking into account the lack of Flash support in mobile devices and Search Engine requirements.

HTML5 Flipping Book Joomla Component is eBook publishing software for creating content by means of eBooks, magazines and other types of digital publications with a flip effect. The component is developed for web browsers, phones and tablets without Flash support.

30 Beautiful Holiday Desktop Wallpapers

WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Wallpapers
The Christmas and New Years holiday season is quickly approaching us and will be here before you know it. For many people it’s their favorite time of year, filled with lots of festivities and quality time spent with friends and family. If you’re someone who loves holiday cheer and decorations, you’re in luck as there are many free wonderful holiday graphics and wallpapers on the web.

Toget you started, we’ve compiled a list of 30 beautiful holiday desktop wallpapers that will not only help to get you into the holiday spirit, but will also brighten up your computer desktop.

WMT Youtube Video Gallery - Joomla Component

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WMT Video Gallery is a powerful easy to use Joomla Component  video gallery, based on the jQuery. Bring your favorite videos from YouTube to your Joomla CMS website and display them nicely inside a categorized gallery. Free download from our download section.

The Best Online Sources for Creative Commons Images

WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Web Design Tips
As a Web designer, you may want to use free images to enhance your work. Although the Internet is full of images of all types, you can’t use just anything you find on the Web; this can lead to a lot of headaches, the main being an expensive lawsuit.

Unless you’ve created or taken a photo yourself, you must get permission from the owner/creator before using Web images in your work. This is where Creative Commons (also known as CC) images come into play.

WMT Supersized Slideshow - Free Joomla Component

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WMT Supersized Slideshow is responsive free Joomla CMS component slideshow built using the jQuery. With this component you can create unlimited number of slideshows and assign each slideshow to separate menu item. Also, you can setup this slideshow component to open in fullscreen (see our demo)

Get Started With iOS 7: Freebies

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iOS 7 Weather App Design (PSD)
For the last couple of decades Apple has been one of the most innovative and respected companies in the world. Its ability to surprise the world and come up with revolutionary products has had a remarkable impact on human race.

Recently released, highly discussed, loved and hated new operating system for mobile devices iOS 7 has been radically redesigned by Jony Ive and started a new page in Apple's design history.

While people keep talking about it you should take this perfect opportunity to jump into the new design direction and start designing for iOS 7.

For that reason I have collected some of the best free resources for you to get started in iOS 7 design. This will save you lots of time conceptualizing, prototyping, and producing iOS 7 app designs.

WMT Round Mp3 Player - Joomla Module - HTML5

WMT Section: Joomla Extensions - WMT Category: Joomla Modules
WMT Round Mp3 Player is a HTML5 Music Player for Joomla CMS. This Joomla Module comes with 3 CSS3 skins to choose from. 
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